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Compostable PLA Spoons (1000 per case) Black

Strong, smart, sustainable are the cutlery pieces that we offer. Dazzle the meal with compostable spoons and go with a standard black or white. We are ready for any occasion!
Colors: black, white
  • Made from 100% renewable resources
  • Made with PLA, a plant-based (cornstarch) plastic
  • Meets ASTM standards for compostability
  • Crystalized formulation adds strength and heat tolerance
  • Handles are now 95% stronger and fork tines are 20% stronger
  • Heat tolerance of 200° F
  • Case of 1000 (20 packs of 50)
  • Spoon - 6 1/2 inches
  • BPI Approved Cert # 10528598

    BPI Approved Cert # 10528598

    This product is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) as biodegradable and/or compostable in a commercial composting facility.

  • Compostable


    Compostable products will naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials when disposed of with other compostable items in limited areas where facilities exist, leaving no visible or toxic residue.